About the Team

Eswar Priyadarshan, Ravi Chittari and Jon Altschuler are experienced entrepreneurs, product designers and technologists.

They have created and worked on large-scale deployments in interactive messaging, media serving, advertising and mobile platforms. In addition, they have built great startups, worked at industry leaders (e.g. Apple, Fidelity, Adobe) and have served global brands such as American Express, the NBA, NBC/Universal and P&G.

A mutual interest in how machine learning could help service apps and teams inspired them to launch BotCentral. Two years later, their product investment in machine learning, chat and natural language processing has borne fruit as a product to help companies intelligently and efficiently interact with internal and external customers on a 24/7 basis.

BotCentral is a venture-funded startup located in Mountain View, California. Antonio Rodrigues from Matrix Partners, Jon Auerbach from CRV, and Noam Bardin Chief Wazer at Google are on the board.

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