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Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically in the areas of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning (ML) have created tremendous opportunities to improve the customer experience as well as drive operational efficiencies in customer service.

BotCentral has capitalized on these advances to bring AI to all aspects of your customer experience and customer support flow. Our areas of focus are to help your company:

We provide 3 products:

  1. A User Bot that answers FAQs, provides product recommendations and performs service actions - this Bot can run on your website, app (iOS and Android), SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack etc.
  2. An Agent Advisor Bot that stays in-house, listens in on the agent-customer chat,helps agents with an accurate and consistent answer
  3. Task Bots that work behind the scenes routing emails and dealing with tickets in ways that help agents get out of mundane, routine actions

Here is a short video of a banking use case that illustrates our breadth of capabilities. The demo depicts our tight integration with the Live Person LiveEngage platform. We are also integrated with the Salesforce, Zendesk, and Oracle enterprise service cloud platforms.

To give you a sense of our results/benefits - we typically see a 85-90% match rate once the Bot is properly trained which results in 30-40% issue deflection, agent efficiency and/or workflow improvement.


Let’s start with the basics. We wouldn’t be called BotCentral if you couldn’t build Bots on our platform. Our Web-based Bot Builder enables your marketing and enterprise development teams to build chatbots for the Web, SMS, iOS, Android and Facebook Messenger platforms.

The core Bot Builder features are:

Our enterprise customer service solution is anchored in the Knowledge Base with built-in Natural Language Understanding (NLU). The Knowledge Base maintains an ever expanding set of articles that correspond to customer and agent questions and associated answers and/or conversations. Our customer Knowledge Bases have been built from:

Our customer Knowledge Bases have been built from:

The BotCentral Knowledge Base has a unique search and feedback capability as depicted below.

The Knowledge Base author or authoring team can search at any time with various filtering criteria and view the responses as they would be presented to end users. The search results are presented with the NLU match quality (VERY GOOD, FAIR etc.). Additionally, and critically, they can vote up/down a particular response as being more or less appropriate for a given intent or query.

Our Task Bots perform their issue classification, triage and routing tasks by tapping into the ML-driven Prediction API.

Some of the use cases our customers have deployed include:

Our Bot Analytics portal provides a complete view of not just overall Bot metrics but also drill down into aggregate escalations and Intent hits and misses. Specific out-of-the-box metrics we provide include:

We provide equivalent analytics for the Task Bot Prediction API, where the focus is on the overall issue/ticket classification rate.

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